Wrought Iron Fencing is durable, and you can choose whatever design you want! Great for any and all homeowners. Wrought Iron is also perfect for pet owners.

 Fences are important to any home. A fence can be a beautiful layer of protection for you and your family. Whether it is to maintain privacy, or keep your furry little family members from running off, M&M Green Outdoor Services can build you a fence that will leave visitors in awe, and neighbors filled with envy.

​Serving King, Snohomish, Skagit and Island County

Vinyl Fencing​ is 5 times stronger than wood. Vinyl fencing is easily replaceable in event of any damage. This fencing does not need to be painted or re-finished.

Farm Fencing can be single sided or double sided (as shown above)​. Great to run along the perimeter of your property, or to keep any animals inside its limits.

Bamboo Fencingis aesthetically pleasing and is fantastic if you are seeking privacy. Bamboo fencing is a better fit for homeowners in an urban area rather than a rural area.

Wood Fencing is perfect for more urban homes. Wood fences are often 4' in the front to 6' in the back to ensure privacy. Great for homeowners with pets

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